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Wrogn Gift Guide: Must Buy Holiday Gifts

Dec 20, 2019

The rush of the holiday season brings out a stressful side of online shopping, in search for the perfect present to gift your loved ones. Don’t settle for boring gifts (read: socks) for the men in your life! Whether you’re a Type A or a last-minute shopper, we’ll show you the perfect gifts to keep any man in your life - be it your brother, friend, boyfriend or husband - joyful this holiday season.


1. Snug Sweatshirts

Give your loved ones the gift of a cosy, warm hug every time they wear ultra-comfy Wrogn Sweatshirts. Play around with different styles - sweatshirts with a cowl neckline adds a daring touch to your outfit while providing extra warmth. Keep it light and fun with graphic sweatshirts that are great conversation starters! Sweatshirts styles have evolved from classic zipper hoodies and pullovers to having long sleeves with thumb holes, unique zipper designs at the neckline and sweatshirt vests.



2. Short Shenanigans

Shorts are for men, what leggings are for women. Easy to wear, pair and share. Shorts are great for lounging around the house, and easy to slip into when you have to run out into the world. Try something other than the usual Khaki or muted colored shorts. Go for more daring colors, lengths and patterns. These versatile pieces can be worn with tees, shirts, sweaters – you name it, you can pair it!



3. Sophisticated Shirts

Don’t be tricked into thinking that collared shirts are your only option when it comes to formal wear. Try collarless designs like the mandarin collared shirts, the fusion of Western and Eastern design that elevates the semi-formal look. This unconventional choice gives a sharper, more dapper result. When it comes to formal wear, we associate dark colors such as black, grey or brown, that’s Wrogn! Feel free to add vibrant hues to your wardrobe and experiment with patterns like stripes and vivid colors.



4. Trusty Tees

If you’re gifting someone who’s a T-Shirt fanatic, Wrogn T-Shirts are the best choice for you, with prices starting at just 399! There are a variety of styles to choose from – graphic tees, polo tees, long sleeve crew neck tees, logo tees & much more. We suggest buying two-three different types of tees and wrapping them together for a style-packed gift bundle.