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Why Wrogn?

It's #Wrogn O'Clock! The right clock can only tell you the time. The Wrogn one can tell you so much more. Every hour, this clock will stop being a regular old clock and will actually let you in on some crazy offers. Only at Phoenix Marketcity Bangalore. #TickTock #StayMad #StayWrogn Virat Kohli


Hangover Expert

This quirky red T-shirt is perfectly tailored to up your style game and get your party groove on. Pair it with joggers and you’re good to go.

Madness Chaser

Get pumped up for that long drive up the hills with this kickass purple sweatshirt. Team it with a pair of jeans for an extra dose of funkiness.

9-to-5 Disruptor

Beat the Monday morning blues with this solid pink breathable shirt. Style it up a notch with a pair of classic white trousers and slip-ons.